Honey Gold Jasmine is a singer-songwriter/rapper/visual artist from Vallejo, CA that is as dynamic as her name. Her voice is like soothing local honey in a fresh, hot cup of tea. Her aura is golden and she is often told that she literally glows with a lil twinkle in her eye. With all of these attributes, she is out of this world, yet still down to Earth and always growing abundantly - like the Jasmine flower. Her birth given first name is actually Jasmine too so she’ll always stay in touch with her roots.

For as long as she remembers, she has always had a passion for music and was drawn to artists that resonate with her soul. Her sound has been described by fans as a mix of Erykah Badu (neo-soul), Left Eye (hip hop), Mary J Blige (r&b) and even Louis Armstrong (jazz), citing his powerful trumpet like voice and his innovation within the jazz genre. In fact, it is extremely important for Honey Gold Jasmine to incorporate jazz into her styling to honor her ancestors and the rich history of the Bay Area. Which she took great care to study and document while earning her dual Bachelor of the Arts degrees in Music and Psychology from Mills College in 2017. She makes music FROM the soul and at the same time FOR the souls of others as a performing artist, music therapist, and mentor.

She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and you can connect with her monthly at her two artist residencies: The Gold Soul Show, Every First Friday at Soul Provisions in Downtown Oakland & Hosting The Well’s Open Mic every 4th Sunday in North Oakland. Highlights from her performance history include: Honey Gold Jasmine has opened up for Common at his annual Imagine Justice concert, performed at Oakland’s dopest underground Hip Hop party Smartbomb, Oakhella - the city’s take on the famous Coachella festival, contributed to curating the Oakland Museum’s 2018 RESPECT: Hip Hop Style & Wisdom exhibit and hosted the bi-weekly Cypher Sundays that took place during the exhibit. Her latest show was at BBQn While Black which brought together thousands of Baydestrians for a bold, yet fun-filled stance against gentrification towards unity. Honey Gold Jasmine's vision is to use her music to unite people worldwide and encourage people to have faith within to make sharing their gift from the Most High the Plan A for their lives.